One thought on “WTC Controlled Demolition – Niels Harrit on Russia Today Part1

  1. Niels Harrit. Are you kidding me?

    You haven’t approved my other comments. Are you afraid?

    Maybe you’ll allow this one the light of day. It’s a great opportunity to show the world how stupid I am.

    Niels Harrit makes claims using samples that were given to him six years after 911, stored who knows where and how,but certainly in a non sterile enviroment, and handled my non scientists.

    There is no way to even prove the samples he used were from the WTC.

    But, even if they are, he’s still full of baloney.

    He admits that the samples may have been contaminated, and that this contamination could lead to false results.

    He says, in a tone voice that implies that it is something important, that red materiel has elemental aluminum and iron oxide.

    This leads me make a scientific observation of my own.


    There were tons of aluminum in the buildings, and in the plane. As to the iron oxide, (rust), any building with iron in it also has iron oxide in it.

    The material they found, that had been contaminated over six years, reminded them of nanothermite or regular thermite but probably nanothermite no really it’s almost definitely the nano kind. Or it might be just regular paint. Except that it also has rust and aluminum in it. Which may be a result of the contamination or it may just be because those two substances are present in just about every structure in the history of construction.

    One final thought. Thermite, in any form, is not an explosive. It is an incendiary. With some special equipment to help focus the burning energy, it can be made to act somewhat like an explosive, but won’t work as well as the explosive itself.

    I addition, the amount of thermite needed, and the devices that would make it act more like an explosive, would be far more than just smuggling in the explosive. Many times more. Even more people would have to “in on it”. The time frame would be magnified, creating more danger of discovery.

    Therefore, anyone who uses the word “thermite” in connection with 911 is a dope.

    That’s the way I see it.


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