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Magicians are in the business of fooling people with misdirection and deception. We recognize how misdirection works when watching magic shows of other magicians & illusionists. 

We believe that, just like in performing magic, there may have been the use of misdirection & deception involved with the events of September 11th.

Watch some of the videos and pictures posted and judge for yourself if the unanswered questions should be answered by our government.

We want the real truth to be revealed and any secrets uncovered. Please support the victims and their families by supporting reopening the 911 investigation so the criminals behind 911 get their justice. Please join this group if you feel the victims and their families deserve better answers!

To date, no one has been convicted of the crime of 911…

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  1. I have a book to sell which would be of interest to truthers
    Do you provide ad space on your website or eblasts to members?
    If so, can you provide me with the cost to do so?
    Many thanks

  2. What an excellent idea to portray the perpetrators of 9/11 as magicians, deceiving the public so expertly.

    I do have one problem with your site however. It is the prominence given to CIT in their absurd claim that the plane did not hit the Pentagon. The debate gives a great deal of time to Ranke to explaining his position but little to his opponent. In addition it appears that Ranke has had access to the video and has been able to insert large scale text reinforcement of his position. CIT has only one argument: the 13 witnesses they have for the northerly approach corroborate one another and the northerly approach contradicts the official approach path. What they conveniently ignore is the very many more witnesses who corroborate one another in reporting that the plane hit the Pentagon.

    They use a magician’s trick. CIT constantly draws attention to the question of whether the plane was north or south of the Citgo service station. What they obscure is the question of whether the plane was high or low. In addition to the many who reported impact there was also 25 witnesses who described the approach of the plane in such a way that it was too low to miss. This is sleight of hand and intolerable in such a serious issue.

    I hope you can find a better way to discuss the Pentagon. You can study the subject here:

  3. This is beautiful! And just like the magicians ethic, the US Govt magicians will never disclose their secrets and just lead the world on decades long wild goose chases to the truth.

  4. We are very grateful for your support; please send the message to your emails contacts.

    http://www.911tower.com , a light for Truth



    Dear magicians for 911 truth

    Like millions of people of all tongues, all origins, of all nations we have sought the truth about September 11th, 2001. We have searched for and listened to many testimonies, direct witnesses as well as survivors of the attacks, firefighters, police officers, first-aid workers but also the families of direct and indirect victim, scientists, lawmen, and statesmen and even men and women of faith.

    At this point in time we had the desire to act and to dedicate a lamp in all nations for those who are faithful to the truth, a light for those who love it and who seek it with all their heart.

    Thank you very much to you for your courage and your enlightenment.

    Wishing you a pleasant visit on http://www.911tower.com

    Igor de La Tribouille
    [email protected]

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    We are very grateful for your support; please send the message to your emails contacts.

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