5 thoughts on “Giuliani admits he was told towers would collapse, FEMA ready to go on 9-10-01

  1. Of course Guliani was told that the building would collapse. Every engineer in the world, based on how other buildings of similar construction have collapsed due to fire.

    And, if you try to tell me that no other building have collapsed due to fire causing the steel the fail, do some research before you call me on, because I’ll flat out bury you with examples to the contrary.


  2. What makes more sense.

    “We’ve have such a terrible loss of life, so let’s blow up the building and cause even more chaos and loss of life.”


    We’ve had such a terrible loss of life. Let’s pull the fire crews out so as not to lose anymore firefighters.”



  3. If that’s the case, how come the 9/11 commission report just didn’t say that it was brought down on purpose? Why are they still claiming it was fire when you’re claiming they admitted to pull the building down on purpose? Don’t you think if they brought it down on purpose, we should know that? Why is the government still claiming it was a fire when you seem to know it was pulled down on purpose? WTC 6 was almost completely destroyed from the two towers, it was a complete loss so they took the rest of it down. How come no one is admitting they “pulled” WTC7 down on purpose like in your theory? Not even the government is trying to say that about WTC7…

  4. Yet, there are many videos of Giullanni and Bush saying nobody knew those buildings would collapse. Which is it? And, yes, I would love to see your case studies of other buildings that have fallen due to fire. Every building fire I’ve seen has left the building standing (or at least the frame of the building). How do three huge sky scrapers fall at free fall speed? It was as if there was ZERO resistance to the collapse. Those floors under the airplane impact where structurally sound. Yet, when the buildings collapse, there is no proof of any resistance. All of that steel below is designed to resist a collapse. Yes, all 3 buildings fall as if there was nothing below the impact zones resisting the collapses… No buildings naturally fall at free fall speed without some kind of help!

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